• Weekly Adult & Kid Silk Classes

    Weekly silk classes begin in March! Our classes introduce the fundamentals of aerial silks through poses, sequences and technique building. Learn to climb, twirl and fly during our 60-minute classes. Increase your strength and flexibility too! Times, pricing and options vary by gym. Visit Aerial Silks for more information.

  • 2017 USAC Local Competition

    Registration is open now for our local top rope comp on April 1st! If you are a team member who would like to compete, click here for more details.

  • How to Climb 5.10s

    Are you climbing 5.9s but want to climb 5.10s? This class is the ultimate resource for learning methods and drills to perfect skills for: footwork, route reading, gripping and more! Learn the tips and techniques that will help take your climbing to the next level. Get more details or register online now!

  • Building Anchors Class

    Just in time for outdoor climbing season! Learn the skills you need to set standard anchors on bolts and trees: knot tying, identifying carabiners and hands-on instruction setting several types of anchors. If you are lead-certified and comfortable climbing 5.10 or above, this might be the perfect class for you. Saturday, March 18, 10:00-12:00. Reserve your space online or click for more details